Frequently Asked Questions

Product Feed

What is a Shopify product feed?

A product or a data feed is a file that contains information about your Shopify store’s products. It’s comprised of product names, descriptions, image URLs and other attributes commonly used for sales and marketing.

Is there any difference in the structure of feeds between services?

Yes, it varies from one service to other, both in content, business rules and in structure. Managing a product feed manually is a nightmare and a time-sucker for store owners.

Shopify Store Authentication

How will you download or grab my Shopify store’s products?

We need your permission to authenticate your Shopify Store with FeedEdge using any one of the two methods given below:

  1. By using Shopify’s Oauth feature(like you login into another service using your Facebook/Twitter/Google Account)
  2. By creating a Private App using your Shopify Store Admin


Which are the services currently supported by FeedEdge?

  1. Polyvore
  2. ShopStyle
  3. Google Merchant Reviews


I couldn't find a service of my liking for my Shopify Store?

Just shoot us a message and our friendly pigeons will deliver you a reply.

How does my 14-day free trial works?

In your trial period, you will be having full access to all of the services and you can create/view/download any of the respective feeds. You can also add as many stores as you need :-)

Do I need to add my credit card for the free trial?


What's the difference between Store and SKU pricing?

Store based pricing: Based on the number of Shopify stores that you add to FeedEdge. You can have unlimited products for each store.

SKU based pricing: Based on the total number of stock keeping units (SKU) that you've added to FeedEdge. You can add as many Shopify stores as you want!


Can I change or switch from Store to SKU pricing and vice-versa?

Yes, just use message us through our internal support system


What types of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept all international credit cards and Paypal.

Do I need to pay for a year up-front?

No, but you will get 14 months for the price of 12 months and you'll surely thanks us!

Are there any setup fees ?

No. Never. 

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes of course, although its really heartbreaking for us :-)

What is your cancellation & refund policy?

Our rules are very simple and straightforward and don’t come with any bewildering clauses. We will provide you with a no-questions asked refund for the following situations:
1. Recurring Monthly Payments:

If you are under a monthly plan,  we will remove your recurring payment profile from your chosen payment processor so that you won’t be charged again.

2. Recurring Yearly Payments:
If you are under a yearly plan, we will refund you the full amount of the remaining months.

Security & Privacy

What is your security policy?

Security and privacy are our top priority.

Your data is completely private: FeedEdge never looks into your product data.

Your Shopify details are safe: FeedEdge needs access to your Shopify store, but its completely done using Shopify's secure API. Also, your credentials are encrypted with industry leading cryptography. We use a minimum of 256-bit encryption for all your sensitive information.

Will you sell my Shopify store’s data to others?

No. We don’t sell any of your data nor we use it for any personal/commercial purposes. We know the value of privacy and data security. See our privacy policy

What will happen to my Shopify product data if I close my account?

Your data will be permanently deleted without any trace(this includes your feeds).

Do you save any payment information in your server?

No. We don’t store any credit card details in compliance with PCI Security. We just pass your details to the payment processor. We use (for credit card processing) plus PayPal